What if we could eliminate the waste problem forever?

That's our objective.

What Grycle is

Grycle is a machine that transforms undifferentiated waste into flakes of raw materials, that are automatically separated for reuse in industrial transformation processes, to reduce the volume of waste by more than 90%.

This is possible thanks to an artificial intelligence module that enables Grycle to gradually learn to recognize new materials and avoid manual separation.

What Grycle wants to change?

2 billion: tonnes of unsorted waste produced globally each year

70%: expected increase in global waste production by 2050

33%: municipal solid waste generated today that is not treated

10%: costs in municipal budgets to treat waste

1,6 billion: tonnes of CO2 yearly produced just to inefficiently treat undifferentiated waste


Every year we produce 1.6 billion tons of CO2 only to process urban solid waste.
One fifth of our global emissions.

The project

Grycle is a concrete, feasible and sustainable response to the increasingly widespread and conscious need for urgent action on the environmental impact of our economic development.

Grycle's mission is to enable us to reuse 100% of what we consume, for domestic and industrial purposes.

Grycle's patent is solid and defines a unique project. We are the first to miniaturize the established industrial processes and bring them upstream of the chain, with the aim of drastically reducing the environmental impact of waste treatment.

Grycle enables the automatic conversion of waste into immediately reusable secondary raw materials: the potental is that we will be capable to transform waste into economic value.

Grycle's progress

  • 2016

    1st and 2nd prototypes (bootstrap)
  • 2017

    3rd prototype
    Incorporation (Ltd)
    Filed ITA request for patent
    Collaboration with Corner Stones (funded, early stage)
  • 2018

    Got Italian patent
    Extra Capital from Corner Stones
  • 2019

    Patent in PCT phase
    4th prototype
    Scout of industrial partners for vertical projects
  • 2020

    Funded through a Crowdfunding campaign
    Got international extension of patent (42 countries)
    Filed second ITA patent
    Technological pivot to high throughput, industrial scale
  • 2021

    EIC application
    Creation of quality and test laboratory
    Scout of new spectrometric technology
    Industrial partnerships

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