Beyond recycling: we regenerate raw materials from waste.

What if there was no more waste?

Grycle is a machine that transforms undifferentiated waste into flakes of raw materials, automatically separated and ready for reuse.

Grycle eliminates the need for manual sorting, reduces the volume of waste by more than 90% and transforms it into second raw materials that can be reused in industrial transformation processes.

Grycle is equipped with an artificial intelligence module that enables it to progressively learn to recognize new materials. Depending on the capacity of its sensors, Grycle can be trained to recognize new materials in a self-learning mode, including composite materials.

When one machine recognizes a new material, all others machines will automatically acquire the same capacity.

The technology

The waste treatment process in Grycle is managed by mechatronic modules that interact in three stages.


The shredding chamber consists of two steel plates which face each other with toothed surfaces. The upper plate moves along the vertical axis, the lower plate moves around its own axis. Coordinated and sequential movements of the two plates allow all types of material to be crushed into dimensionally homogeneous granules.


The flakes, by gravity, from the lower shredding plate fall into an electromechanical filter. The filter, made up of nested helices, has holes of different sizes. The vibration of the filter allows the flakes to reach the reading plate distinctly and separately.


The flakes, which arrive one at a time for analysis by the spectrometer, are flooded with light generated by miniature tungsten lamps. The reading of the light allows the nature of the flakes to be recognized and deposited in the bin dedicated to the relating material.

Grycle will be a self-sufficient, photovoltaic-powerable machine

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